Haiti Missions: July 2015

Thank you to Dr. Bill, Paragon Medical, and our Student Sponsors.

The trip to Haiti was very rewarding. We accomplished what was needed.

The team enrolled the 120 children in record time. 8 students graduated and we had 22 new students enroll.
During registration, we took new pictures of the students and distributed book bags with supplies to each student. We will be updating the Haiti wall in the church as soon as we get them printed.

The team bought 8 bags of rice and distributed it to the school and several churches to where we traveled.

We had 9 ladies come for the sewing class. In class they learned to make a child’s dress, how to make it bigger and they learned how to make a large bag to used for market.

The bags and supplies in this picture were provided by Esther, Jeanette and Margo.


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