What is a podcast?

For those of you new to this term: It’s basically a radio show.

They’re downloaded or streamed through your computer, phone, mp3 player, etc. and generally accessed through a podcast or RSS (Rich Site Summary, or commonly called Really Simple Syndication) service. They’re generally longer-format, but can range from just a few minutes to hours long. The content can vary widely, but generally it’s non-scripted or very loosely scripted, and consists of several people talking about several topics. They’re episodic, but mostly just in number and naming convention (i.e., episode 2 isn’t necessarily related to episode 1 in content, it just happens to be the podcast that comes right after episode 1).

For a little more technical detail:

Podcasts are a series of audio shows with a common theme. This doesn’t mean that they’re a serial, in the sense of always needing to listen to them in order, though some are. Although RSS is one mechanism for subscribing, it’s not the only mechanism, nor the easiest. You can subscribe to podcasts via the iTunes store (which is what I use), or through other websites or services. Subject matter can be anything in the world.

If you’re interested in receiving our weekly sermon podcast on your mobile device, please don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you set it up!


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