The Ministry of the Raven

Money, how to handle it God’s way

Fly Trap

The Irony of God’s Arm

Silence of the Lamb

Bears, Beets and Battle star Galactica

Get a Grip

Good Vibes


Prodigal Father

What Ya Callin’ Fo’

His Mercy

Stone by Stone

The Forerunner’s

Mother’s Day

Things God Cannot Do

“In Spite of” Praise

The Grave Robber

Clothing Left Behind

The Story of Nazareth

Two You’s

Own It

The All Inclusive Jesus

Sycamore Tree Grace

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Holy Comtemplations

Be My Valentine


Reach Out

Love Story

Out of the Gray

Redeeming the Time

The Ant & The Elephant

Mystery of the Swaddling

Hidden in Plain Sight

Trip to Uganda

Stop Me

No Bull Worship

Getting Back to Good

IMA Part 4

IMA Part 3

IMA Part 2

IMA Part 1


What U Call It

Eagle Strong

The Re-Exaltation of an Eagle




Eagle Eye

Secrets of an Eagle

The Ultimate Hero

Heroes of the Mundane

Champion of Hard Times

The Three Nevers of a Champion

The Stain Remover


Saul to Paul

The Glory of a Good Wife

The Delilah Effect

The Unknown Hero

Father of a Promised Child

Gideon Up

Just Love

The God That Won’t Let Go

The Violation of the Enemy

Ruth Zero to Hero

A Champion of Mercy

Stones of Victory

Dinner for the Sinners

Getting to Church

Breaking the Boundaries

Resurrection is the Key 🔑

The Victory Parade Route

The Donkey Path of Grace

Road to Emmaus

(You) Know the Way

T.E.A.M. State of the Church

Don’t Stop Believing

Super Bowl

Walk A Mile in Those Sandals

The Road of Compassion

The Journey of Ex-Slaves

Hope Floats

The Transformation of a Scrooge

How the Grinch Tried to Steal Christmas

Don’t Be A Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins

Home Alone

Cure For Racism

Be CrEaTiVe ChUrCh

Don’t Be A Drugstore Cowboy

Balanced Bible

The Blessed Life

The Arkians

Mr. Potato Head

Touch of God (Tyler Miller)

The ABC’s of Excellence

To Touch a Leper

The DNA of TLC


Know Who You Are

Optics: Do You Know Me



Marriage License

📢 Work Is Not a 4 Letter Word

Student ID

“Drive”r’s License

Identity Discovery

Avoiding Identity Theft

Beyond Simon

Father’s Day

When Pigs Fly

Figgy Faith

Eye Opening Faith

The Cooperation of Miracles

Miraculous Cove of Mothers

Be The Pot

Walking on Water

Coin In The Fish’s Mouth

Beauty & The Beast

Dogged Faith

April 2, 2017

Withered Hand

You Can Call Me Lazarus

The Touched High Priest

Inheriting the Earth

God Strong

Fortress of Praise

True Love

What Heaven Values

Remodeling Our House

The Clash

Laughing In The Future


The Glory of the Inglorious

What Is Christmas About?

Stop! Know Who You Are

What’s In A Name?


The Fatted Calf

God Kingdom

God Economics

God Passion

God Fresh

God Code

God Codes

Old Lady Young Lady

God Encounter

God Sense


The God Option

Testimonial Blood

July Missions Recap

Scraps for Grace

Youth Takeover

Peace of a Child


The Free Spirit of a Child

Here I Am

Rockin’ Fathers & Giants

Faith of A Child

The Serpent

Gate Keepers

Out of Nazareth


Things We Learn From Mary


Hold (Special Guest Don Allen)

The Revelation of Moderation

I am.


No Pain, No Gain

Haiti Missions (Full Sermon)

Praying, Going, Giving: Haiti Missions Update

Looking For The Lion

I Will Do

The Mess, The Maker, and the Makeover

Warts ‘n All

State of the Church

Pursue Peace

Soul Food

Trading Up


The Blessing Struggle